Get Hit in the face with an egg

But in a good way.

Egg Sammies that make you say "Woah Daddy"

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The Man behind the yolk


This guy knows his way around food

"So many different things go with eggs! I think it's a really fun vehicle for the culinary arts. So I'm taking a lot of my chef experience and bringing it to more of a, well, essentially fast food environment." 

-Adam Bresina                               

This is how we roll

egg sammies all day

Egg on a Roll has been working hard to bring our vision to life! A vision of Egg Sammies served up all day, bringing people together through the most humble of ingredients; the egg.

Fair Trade CoffeE

By the nectar of the gods, give me that sweet morning bean juice. AND Peace Coffee!?! Frick yes bud.

Let the good times roll

Our sandwiches are made for those looking for a quick, delicious start to their day; no matter what time you get the day rolling!

Let us Toast To Toast

Keep an eye out for our loyalty program through Toast for all those wonderful lil goodies!